Application Checklist
The application will cannot be processed until all forms and documents are submitted. 
(1) A completed and signed application form.
(2) Scanned copy of parents' and student's passport (information page and valid Chinese VISA) 
(3) Scanned copy of up-to-date immunization record 
(4) One recent electronic passport sized photo 
(5) School reports of the most recent year (original and scanned copy) 
     - For PreK and Grade 1 applicants, reports from the latest semester.
     - For Grade 2-5 applicants, up-to-date current reports and for one year previous
     - For Grade 6-10 applicants, up-to-date current reports and for two year previous.
     - For Grade 11 and 12 applicants, all reports from grade 9 to present
(6) For Grade 6 and above applicants,  supply school email address of Mathematics Teacher, English Teacher, Homeroom Teacher or Principal. 

*For enquiry, please email to