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Admission Information

SWIS only accepts applications from foreign passport holders or residents from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. At least one parent of the applicant must be a foreign passport / foreign permanent resident holder or a resident from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

招生对象: SWIS只招收外籍或港澳台学生。申请人的父母至少其中一方为外籍(持外国护照或永久居住证)或港澳台居民。

Local government requirements in regard to proper guardianship of students dictate that SWIS only accepts students that reside in Shenzhen with at least one parent or with an approved guardian (with power of attorney).

English is the language of instruction in all grades. The successful applicant must demonstrate a sufficient amount of English to access the curriculum.

Age and Grade Levels
The cut-off date for entry into each grade level is 1st September. Therefore, candidates for entry to a grade level must have reached the specified age on or before September 1st. A student’s grade level placement is based on the student’s age.

Special Educational Needs
Parents of students who have special educational needs should consult with SWIS to ensure that the school has the resources available to serve their children before applying for admission or arriving in Shenzhen. SWIS does not have the facilities or faculty required to educate children with severe learning needs.

Process for Admissions
The process of admission is dependent on the applicant’s age. Families should contact the SWIS admissions office for detailed information regarding the application process.
招生流程:招生将严格按照年龄进行年级的安排。 家长可联系深外国际部招生办了解详细的招生流程。